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Customer Testimonials:
"We've had the pleasure of partnering
with Math4Sale for over 5 years now.
They always deliver a great product on
time and always stand behind
everything they sell. We're so glad we
found such a reputable vendor that not
only saves us money, but also
provides the highest level of customer
service. Thanks again everyone at
-Ken White, Rifle HS
Excellent service, fast shipping, good
packing, and calculator was in very
good shape. Thank-you! What a great
deal! Thanks Math4Sale!
- Elizabeth Whitney
I have purchased from Math4 Sale
before.They have great prices and
customer service. I don't think you will
find a better deal any where on the web
-Daryl Adams
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Why Buy Refurbished

What is refurbished and why should I buy refurbished from Math4Sale, Inc?

Buying refurbished and/or used saves you money without compromising functionality. With savings from 20-50% off retail through Math4Sale, Inc. it's a great deal! This is our 10th year in Business selling quality refurbished graphing calculators to schools just like yours.

We absolutely guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with your refurbished calculators, that's why we back them by our own 6-month in house-warranty, and if there's any issues we guarantee to take care of them asap with our dedicated in-house team. 

Our staff meticulously goes through a 16 stage process to ensure each unit is properly inspected and of the highest quality before it is shipped to you. 

Technically Speaking: 

Refurbishment is the process of maintenance or major repair of an item, either aesthetically or mechanically.

Refurbished products cannot be sold as new products in the US, which is why they are relabeled as refurbished or refreshed units even if they are good-as-new (if, for example, the unit was returned for some reason unrelated to the product itself, such as the customer changing their mind about the color). Refurbished items may have scratches, dents or other forms of cosmetic damage which do not affect the performance of the unit.

Refurbished products could possibly be the products which are returned by the customer within the return policy of the company which sold the product, without any defect with the product. Refurbished products are generally bench tested and certified, then re-packaged, labeled as a Refurbished Product.

Refurbished electronics are products which have most often been returned to the manufacturer because it was unwanted or had some minor defect. The items are simply returned because most major retail superstores offer a 30-day money back guarantee on their products and there are those consumers that just simply take advantage of this liberal return policy.

However, there is also a very good chance that the unit you receive may never have been used as it may have been a unit whose box was damaged or simply an overstock model that many retailers return to the manufacturers to make room for incoming models.

When the electronic goods such as TVs, home theater systems, computers and other electronics have been returned in an undamaged and fully functional condition and although they are still in a brand new condition, due to legal reasons they cannot be marketed or sold as new. In such cases, where it is found to have a minor defect, this is rectified by replacing the defective component, or permanently repairing it.

Refurbished items are generally thought to be cheap and poorly fixed products because of their sometimes shorter warranties. However, most products have nothing wrong with them, they were simply exchanged over incompatibility or are cosmetically damaged.